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What business owners new to exhibition stand design need to know

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What business owners new to exhibition stand design need to know

What business owners new to exhibition stand design need to know

If you are going to be hosting an exhibition stand at a trade show or some other kind of event, you are probably wondering where to start.

You will want to showcase your best products and services, and you want to be able to talk about them in the right way to all the potential customers that walk by.

How do you stand out and make people notice you? And how are you going to stay alert and enthusiastic from dawn until dusk? There are many nuances that have to be considered when setting up and getting ready for an exhibition event… here are a few tips to help you prior to the big day.

Pick the right team

Do not think about going to the event alone. Not only would that be far too exhausting a prospect, but when you are talking to a customer, you need other people there ready to talk to the next customer. Otherwise, you will rush the customer you are with and possibly miss out on a sale (or at least a chance to interact organically and not feel rushed). Conversations at events such as these may be quite long-winded, depending on the products or services you’re trying to sell.

You are also going to need to take coffee breaks etc., and every few minutes that the stand is left unattended, it will not be making you money, or provide you with opportunities to showcase your brand. So, it would help if you maximized the stand’s usefulness by bringing more people with you.

Even if you are a sole trader, ask family members or friends to attend with you, and ensure that they have been briefed on the products. There may even be some scope to take students who want some work experience. As long as they are friendly and can talk to prospective customers, at least until you become available, that is what you need. In addition, you will want everyone to be dressed appropriately and smartly, or at least dressed in a way that adequately reflects your brand values.

The stand display

Make sure the tables are free from clutter; nothing looks worse than an old coffee cup sitting idly on one of the tables.

Also, make sure that the people you have helping are not sitting around looking bored. Get them up and walking around the exhibit looking for ideas, and showing off the t-shirt, i.e., business name.

Ensure you focus on particular products, ideally angling certain aspects of the stand toward the types of products you want visitors and potential customers to engage in. Getting in touch with a team of exhibition stand designers will help in this process (and give you valuable insight into just how you can influence a visitor from the start to the end of their visit to your stand).

You do not want to overfill the stands or leave them lacking in products and promotional material. It may be worth getting some ideas on how stands look from previous exhibits at the same event and speaking to previous attendees about any stands that stood out for them.

If this all sounds overwhelming, don’t worry. Our friendly team of Focal Exhibitions can help to mitigate any pre-exhibition worries, and in terms of actually designing and building your stand we take care of the process at every step of the way.

Get in touch with the team directly for further information.