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Ultimate Exhibition Guide 9 – Exhibition Time

Ultimate Exhibition Guide 9 – Exhibition Time

You’ve done all that planning and the big day is finally here, so here’s how to get the most out of the show after all that time and effort you’ve put in....

Start Early

You could arrive at the exhibition hall with only two minutes to go before the doors open to the public, but you’ll feel far more relaxed if you give yourself plenty of time in the morning to get ready and arrive with at least half an hour to spare before the exhibition opens. That’ll give you time to chat to your staff and answer any final questions, and you’ll have time to give your exhibition stand one final check to ensure everything is as it should be.

You’ve also got a little breathing space if anything has been missed, and time to get it sorted before the show.

When the doors do open, you’ll be completely ready, and you’ll know you’ve done everything you can do.

Follow Your Plan

You’ve spent so much time planning and getting everything just right for the exhibition, so don’t stress yourself out. Just breathe, follow your plan and trust that your staff have been well-trained and they know exactly what to do and say.

During your time at the show, regularly check how it’s going, and if you’re on target to meet the goals you set earlier on in planning.

Take a Show Kit

Prepare a kit with practical spare items that will ensure you can effect any running repairs to your stand, stand equipment and other exhibition items.

Hopefully, you won’t need it, but you’ll feel better for being prepared just in case.

Share on Social Media

Share on social media throughout the event:

  • Talk about where your stand is and what you have on the stand to attract visitors
  • Share any news or exciting developments
  • Mention any humorous happenings and funny stories
  • Give shout outs to complementary businesses
  • Share any special show discounts or offers
  • Definitely keep sharing your stand competition. And especially if it’s a highest score or fastest time competition, keep sharing the latest top score. You’ll likely get people trying to beat it or come back and try again to reclaim the top spot.

Plan to See Everyone You Want to See

Once you get caught up in a busy exhibition, time can fly and before you know it, you’ve missed the people you wanted to see, so make sure you get to any stands you particularly want to visit early on. You could also make appointments to see any possible joint venture businesses, clients and suppliers so you know you’ll get the most out of the exhibition.

Get Ideas For Next Time

Make notes about what you liked and didn’t like, what you could have done better, and jot down ideas for next time.

That might be difficult to do when your stand is busy and you’re in the thick of things, but do what you can as if you try to make notes at the end of the day, you might forget some brilliant ideas.

Enjoy it!

Exhibitions can be a lot of fun, and very fast paced, so take the time to enjoy the show. You’ve accomplished a whole lot just to get here, so don’t forget to appreciate everything you’ve done to get to this point.

We’re almost at the end of this series, but we’ll be back next time with part 10 of our Ultimate Exhibition Guide on following up.

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