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Ultimate Exhibition Guide 8 – Setting Up

Ultimate Exhibition Guide 8 – Setting Up

You've prepared every detail and now it's time to set up your exhibition stand.....

You’re almost at the big day, you’ve done all your planning and you seem to be permanently attached to your checklists. While it’s a really exciting time, you don’t want to let things fall through the gaps at the last minute, so here’s some advice from our experienced team on setting up before the exhibition:

Allow plenty of time

At most events, you’ll get the chance to set up your stand at least a day or even more before the exhibition opens. While you are allowed to get into the venue on the opening day well before the general public arrives and the exhibition opens, unless you’ve got a very simple, easy stand to install, we’d suggest you take all the time you’ve been allotted.

Sometimes things take longer than you think, or you open a box and discover you’ve left something at the office, and you really don’t want to be rushing to get everything done and stressing out when the first visitors arrive, so if you’ve got the opportunity to get into the venue and set up the day before, take it!

Organise your helpers

If you have an exhibition contractor coming in to set up your stand, make sure everyone knows what time to be there and where they are going. Quite often, venues have a different entrance for pre-event set up, so you may not be going in via the usual front entrance.

Make sure everyone has each other’s phone numbers beforehand, just in case there’s a problem, and give everyone a copy of the exhibition layout plan so they can easily find your stand space.

Take plenty of spares

It’s always a good idea to have plenty of spare fixings and tools, just in case. Better to have a few spare nuts and bolts with you than have to trek to the shops to buy some more in the middle of set up, because someone’s forgotten to pack them.

Marketing materials

Set out your marketing materials for maximum impact but make sure they don’t cover up any great design features or tag lines on your stand.

Have a practice run

If you’re doing your stand yourself, and you have the space and the time, it can be a good idea to have a practice run as far as you can to see how long it takes you to get your stand together.

When you’re done, take a minute to breathe and enjoy how amazing your stand looks. Taking part in an exhibition can be high-energy, fun and exciting. If you’ve planned everything properly and allowed some room for contingencies, it doesn’t have to be stressful at all, so take the time to enjoy all you’ve accomplished up to this point.

Next time, we’re onto how to deal with the big day when the exhibition opens!

Obviously, at Focal, we offer a full delivery and set up service, so if you’d rather avoid the hassle altogether, let Focal Exhibitions handle everything for you. Check out our services page for more information, and then get in touch!

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