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Ultimate Exhibition Guide 10 – Following Up

Ultimate Exhibition Guide 10 – Following Up

The most important thing you’ll do, and the whole point of exhibiting in the first place, is to follow up and connect with the people you met at the show.

While you no doubt enjoyed the exhibition and getting the chance to chat with new suppliers and potential clients, all of that effort and time in planning for the exhibition will have been for nothing if you don’t follow up with your new leads.

The most important thing you’ll do, and the whole point of exhibiting in the first place, is following up and connecting with the people you met at the show.

In addition to any business cards and details you’ve collected personally, many exhibitions will send you a list of attendees with contact details, and most events have data scanners so you can easily collect info on the people you’ve spoken to during the event, so you should have plenty of leads that could bring you new business or new suppliers.

Hopefully, from all the planning you did, you should have a proper system in place for collecting leads, and if you’ve really planned everything out, you should also have a system for following up.

If you’re a small business on a budget, you don’t have to spend a fortune to do this. You’ve got a range of options from a simple spreadsheet with names, contact details, dates of follow up and results to free or paid CRMs to help you manage your contacts.

The most important thing is that you actually get it done!

While you might want to leave it a few days after the event, just to give everyone time to recover and to get back to their normal routine, don’t leave your follow up so long that people have forgotten who you are.

When you’ve got all your leads information together, decide what outcome you want to achieve from following up. But don’t over think it. You don’t have to get really complicated to get in touch with people. Just a simple email or phone call will do.

Remind your contact of who you are and how you met and try to include something personal that you talked about on the day. That’ll make you stand out a mile from all those boring emails that just try to sell them something. Then ask for what you want, whether it’s to make an appointment for a longer phone chat about how you can help each other or set a casual coffee meeting. People are busy and they appreciate it when you get to the point quickly and don’t write a rambling essay on why you’re getting in touch.

After that, stay in touch and build relationships with people because you’re genuinely interested in them. People can tell the difference.

You could connect with them on LinkedIn and keep in touch via messenger and by liking and commenting on their posts, or send emails to give them a useful article or piece of information.

Not every sale is instant the first time you make contact. Many sales happen after building a relationship for a while, so it’s well worth the effort. And keeping in touch is the best way to maximise your sales and get the highest possible ROI from the exhibition.

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