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Taking Small Steps to Build Your Team

Taking Small Steps to Build Your Team building really can affect your bottom line.

The phrase ‘team building’ is one of those things that seems like a buzzword, and makes some people groan every time it’s brought up, but it can be the difference between a business that flows, that’s buzzing with ideas and energy, and a business that struggles to get even the most basic tasks done. And whether you’re planning for something big, like an exhibition or a show, or you’re just dealing with day to day jobs and processes, team building really can affect your bottom line.

So short of finding yourself marching through mud and obstacle courses with a paintball gun, how do you build a team that works brilliantly, both for your staff and for your business?

Before you can even start with team building, it’s got to come from the top. Senior management and directors must be prepared to sanction any team building efforts, to show enthusiasm for what’s happening, to get involved, and to be able to put across to their teams why it really matters. If you don’t have buy in from senior management, it’ll be an uphill struggle to get everyone else involved.

Start with small steps that make a big difference....

Look at how you run meetings:

Change the way you run meetings, so that everyone gets a chance to speak, rather than just the usual suspects. Make it clear that no idea or question is a stupid one, and that the blame game is no longer being played at your company. People relax far more when they feel they can take a risk now and then and try something new, while knowing that if it doesn’t work, there won’t be a three-week inquest into whose fault it was. They open up, they come forward with more ideas, they communicate more and they feel more involved.

Celebrate every win!

If your team has been working hard and they’ve pulled off a big deal or finished a project well before deadline, then take the time to celebrate it. You don’t have to go crazy and take everyone to New York for the week, but a night out with some bubbly and a good meal on the company is not only affordable, but also morale boosting, team building and extremely motivating for next time.

Have regular nights out just for fun:

Team building doesn’t have to be formal, with a team building company and a drill sergeant instructor. Just invite everyone out for a drink after work, or set up a bowling night, a visit to the cinema, or a pizza night. When everyone’s away from work and relaxed, they’re more likely to have fun, to chat to people they don’t know as well, and to make new friends. And the buzz from the night before is likely to carry over into the office for an ongoing feeling of wellbeing and bonding for you and your team.

While there are more things you can do to get your team to bond with each other, including activity days and time away from the office to plan, these basic steps will get you started, without costing a ton of money or time.

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