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Office Interior Design Tips

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Office Interior Design Tips

Actionable Design Tips for Renovating Modern Offices

If you’re reading this as a business owner new to the concept of exhibition stands, or are looking for office inspiration and have found our blog you may be wondering why a team of exhibition stand designers and builders are writing about office design. And it’s a fair question, but one we’re confident will be answered by the end of this post.

The reason for writing this blog post is that we understand the frustrations that many business owners may have when renovating their office space. Whether that’s with a current office move and you’re starting from scratch with the interior layout of the site, or are simply looking to breathe a modern lease of life into your workspace, we’re used to working within strict confines of both space and planning, and can empathise with what you’re up against.

Below are the steps in the office interior design process that are either often missed, or not considered until it’s too late. These tips also apply to our processes when blueprinting, designing and constructing exhibition stands, and are tried & tested on stands of all sizes.

1. Don’t overlook lighting

Sometimes, fluorescent lighting in an uninspired space can be unavoidable. For instance, if you’re simply renting a desk or shared office in an old office block, it can be hard to get away from the glare of the strip lighting of yesteryear.

The below points are for both types of business owners; those with influence over their overhead lighting options, and those without:

  • If you’re free to do so, consider switching standard overhead lighting for LED lights which have been specifically made to have a healthier, more natural glow
  • If confined to your desk for creative endeavours, take a look at the latest HUE bulb offerings, which are bulbs that allow the users to control the colour and intensity of light that is emitted.

Lighting is one aspect of the modern office that is overlooked, with studies even linking both poor lighting and overly harsh lighting to negative effects on employee morale. It is therefore vital that you place desks and spaces with high employee activity close to the sources of natural light as possible, avoiding artificial glare as much as the space will allow.

2. Carefully & Strategically Utilise Space

It’s very easy to be presented with new office space and immediately attempt to fill every inch with desks and furniture, but is it really better to fill space up just because it’s there?
When creating exhibition stands, our team of designers map out the ways in which event attendees can navigate the space between certain aspects of the stand. This could be by using available space and lighting to increase visual appeal to the part of the stand that showcases a certain product, or ensure that features of the stand are structured in ways that will lead to the highest levels of interaction for the exhibitors.

This process can also be mirrored in offices, both for staff and visiting clients:

  • Keeping space free and uncrowded creates a much more relaxing atmosphere in comparison to an office that is cluttered and looks too ‘busy’.
  • Clients want to see an office that reflects your business. Utilise wall art, furniture fitting with your colour scheme, and breakout areas to show clients not just the style of your business, but how your business operates and how the space reflects the values of your business as an entity.

3. Strategic Use of Colour = Strategic Brand Integration

The use of colour in an office space can easily be overlooked. Too little colour, and the office is at risk of being too ‘corporate’ or ‘bland’. Too much, and branding can be very easily overdone. Let’s assume your business logo is orange. You wouldn’t paint the entire office in orange, but you would want to strategically integrate colour into the space to ensure the office reflects the personality of the brand, or rather the personality of your brand that you want clients to perceive.

The same principles apply to exhibition stands. With some projects our team may be working with limited space, and must use the interior space and available options for colour modification sparingly, ensuring brand guidelines are met without appearing too ‘in your face’ for visitors coming to the stand. So how do we ensure these guidelines are met?

  • Put emphasis via lighting on areas of the office with strong branding. This could be a breakout area, a piece of art, or even a piece of furniture which adheres to brand colours.
  • Use wall art or installations to provide a splash of brand colours to the space, without having to overdo colours by adapting the colour of an entire wall.
  • Smaller office items can speak volumes for branding, and provide multiple opportunities to add brand colour to the space. Using stationary, mugs, mouse mats and even office chairs with the colour of your brand provides a subtle way to add that extra bit of personality for visitors and staff.

We hope the above tips have helped you if you’re thinking of ways to renovate your office with a strategic and considered approach. Want to take the same approach with your marketing efforts? We can help. To learn more about exhibition stands and why businesses are choosing our team of experts to transform their approach to marketing, get in touch today or call directly on +44 (0)1663 744066.