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How to man your exhibition stand effectively

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How to man your exhibition stand effectively

How to man your exhibition stand effectively

Trade shows and exhibitions are a fantastic way to promote your business and increase brand awareness. However, it’s important to ensure your stand is well-equipped and ready to showcase your potential. If you want to maximise the success of exhibiting, take a look at these top tips now…

1. Choose the right staff

When it comes to manning your stand, it’s essential to have the right staff on hand. To an extent, this will depend on the nature of your business and the type of show you’re attending.

For an industry exhibition, you may need technical personnel on hand to discuss sector-specific issues, for an example. If you’re attending a consumer show, you may want natural salespeople who can generate on-the-spot transactions.

Remember – you don’t have to rely solely on in-house staff to man exhibition stands. As well as using members of your team, you can hire temporary promotion specialists to generate a buzz around your stand. 

2. Create an impact with design

At any exhibition, you’re competing with many other brands in your industry. This means you need to be able to grab the attention of your audience and persuade them to engage with your business instead of the competition. The fastest and most effective way to do this is via the design of your exhibition stands and materials. 

When you’re putting your brand on show, it’s vital that your offline content reflects your brand message. With professional exhibition stand designers, you can create custom artwork and exhibition stands to help you achieve your objectives.

Furthermore, your exhibition stands can become interactive and intuitive when you incorporate the latest technology. With cutting-edge designs and innovative styles, you can gain interest from delegates, attendees and visitors, no matter what trade shows you’re exhibiting at. 

3. Exhibition stand placement

Before you sign up to any exhibitions, talk to the organisers about potential placements first.

Most trade shows have clearly marked routes and encourage guests to walk past every stand that’s on show. However, this is guaranteed. If you want to make the most of exhibiting, it’s important to secure a great placement for your stand and your staff. 

Of course, this doesn’t just relate to where you’re physically located in the venue. You may want to be situated close to a particular competitor to highlight a better price point or specialist service you can offer, for example. 

Depending on your aims, the venue layout and other exhibitors, the placement and location of your stand can have a significant impact on your success. While prime spots may cost a little extra, it can be worth the investment when you’re able to generate a considerable amount of business following the show. 

4. Showcasing Your Brand

Exhibitions offer you the chance to engage directly with your target audience, so they’re an opportunity that simply can’t be missed. Whether you’re exhibiting at a local fair, a regional show or an international symposium, the right exhibition stand design and staff can enhance your success and maximise your results. 

If you’re new to exhibiting, then the whole process can be daunting. With the help of a professional team, it doesn’t have to be. Call our team of exhibition stand designers today on 01663 7440 066 for more information and friendly advice.