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How to brief your Exhibition Designer

How to brief your Exhibition Designer

The question we get asked more than any is “What do I need to include in a design brief?”

On this basis, we have put together a short guide of the points to consider to help you create that all important design brief that gives you a critical starting point in the design process.

Why is the design brief important?

A clear and eloquent design brief is crucial to help develop an understanding between the client and the exhibition company. It helps you focus what you want to achieve and serves as a point of reference to makes sure important design issues are considered and questioned.

If there isn’t a good design brief upfront, if queries arise throughout the process it can slow the process down and ultimately affect the outcome.

So, how do I start…?

Begin by setting some goals and detail what you want to achieve.

Consider writing a little bit about you! Give a short overview of your company and industry sector. Provide links to your website, corporate identity guidelines or promotional material, which gives the designer a great starting point to get a feel for the business.

Provide as much detail as possible on any product you would like to display on the stand – What do they look like? Images and dimensions are extremely useful.

You mentioned “setting some goals?”

Some companies can see exhibiting as a flag waving exercise without much thought behind what they want to get out of it. This can create a lot of lost opportunities as an effective and eye catching stand design can have huge influence on the success of a company’s marketing strategy.

In your design brief, make sure you list all the key objectives to be achieved at the show. Below are some common examples:

  • We want to promote a new or existing product or service
  • We want to increase enquiries and generate sales
  • We’re after information from customers and suppliers
  • We need to push the brand out there and increase traffic
  • I’d like our stand to provide hospitality and entertain visitors
  • We want an experience, activity or theme incorporated
  • We want to look modern and include the latest technology

What other details should be included?

Away from the goals and vision come the detail.

Your exhibition designer will need as much information as possible about the show or event. Where and when is it? How big is the stand space

Attach the floorplan, and a link to the show website. Supply the username and password for the exhibitor only section on the site, so that they can get every last detail they need without hassling you and design the best possible solution.

It’s also good to provide examples of what you think if relevant to the design process. If you want to be consistent with your brand include the company’s current marketing materials. If there is a design or style you dislike then state why. You can provide any ideas or inspiration in any medium.

When do I need it ready by?

Get your brief in to your stand designer as early as you can, and include important dates and deadlines that they need to factor in to their project plan. When do you need to present the design to your board?

How critical are budget parameters?

It is critical to set ball park figures to guide the exhibition designer as this will affect many elements of design. A budget range will give an exhibition company a good idea of the type of solution they can provide.

An important point to consider when you’re considering budget is how many times will you re-use the stand or elements of it? Off-setting costs is a very important consideration when it comes to what you would like to spend.

What else do needs to be considered?

In summary, a design brief is just a common-sense approach to starting the stand design process on the same page as the company you’ve chosen to handle your exhibition or event presence. Throughout, you can use the brief as a reference tool and you’ll be amazed at what a difference that bit of work at the beginning of the project can have on your end result!

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