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Going Green – Sustainable Exhibiting

Going Green – Sustainable Exhibiting

Reduce your negative impact on the environment and think green when you exhibit.....

No business wants to be known for their negative impact on the environment, but when you’re thinking about exhibiting, going green might not be the first thing on your to do list. But it is possible to exhibit while cutting down your impact on the environment.

Areas to consider

Marketing Materials

Companies can print reams upon reams of leaflets and brochures for an event, and after the exhibition there’s a good possibility that most of it will end up in the bin, so rather than doing that, think about how else you might hand out your information. Not only will it be environmentally friendly, but you could find it’s budget friendly, too!

  • Hopefully, your website is already mobile-ready, so make sure to put all of the information about your exhibition onto a page on your site, including your stand number, opening and closing times, the itinerary, the location of the venue and a map, etc., so people can look everything up when they need to, rather than having to print anything out.
  • Hand out re-usable USB sticks instead of printables as people are more likely to keep them than throw them away.
  • How about having information points on your stand with a QR code for people to scan so they can see your product details, sign up to your mailing list, join your email series or even buy, without a piece of paper in sight.
  • If you must have printed materials, then use double-sided printing to save paper, and create materials that aren’t specific only to your current exhibition, so you can re-use them.
  • If you are going to give out branded items such as pens, bags, or bookmarks use a recyclable version

Logistics & Transport

If you’re exhibiting somewhere that’s quite a distance from your company, or if you have staff coming along from several different locations, think about your travel plans, both for planning meetings and for the actual event:

  • If you have several locations working to plan the event, then rather than travelling back and forth, why not use teleconferencing?
  • Use public transport where possible, or at least plan car sharing.
  • Hire coaches to transport staff, even if it’s only to meet them at the train station or the airport as this will cut down on multiple car journeys.
  • Try to plan transport of your materials so that they are created in one place, and sent together to cut down on the number of journeys, and on packaging.

Finally, if you’re doing all of this hard work, why not generate some great PR from it? Write some blog posts about how you’re working to help the environment, share on social media, send out some press releases, and put a statement on your website.

Who knows, by doing this exercise, maybe you’ll find ways to go green in other areas of your business!.....