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Exhibition Success with Branded Giveaways

Exhibition Success with Branded Giveaways

Here’s what to think about when choosing your giveaway to keep your company in mind long after the exhibition is over...

If you’re exhibiting, no doubt you’ll have thought about giving away branded items on your stand. If you’re a regular attendee at events, you’ve probably got a collection of them, from pens to mouse mats, all displaying the colours and branding of various companies you’ve met over the years. You know they work because when you drink from that mug or use that branded calendar you do notice the company listed, and if you’re in the market for their services it’s so easy to just call them instead of spending time searching for someone else.

When you’re thinking about exhibiting, you want that same brand recognition and that same marketing technique to work for you.

Pick something that lasts

Branded mints and sweets are very attractive, fun items, but when they’re gone, they’re gone, and so is your time at the forefront of your potential customer’s mind. Choose to give out mugs, USB sticks, pens, or mouse mats, however, and your brand could be on your target audience’s desk for years!

While fun, quirky items are great to catch the eye, if they aren’t useful or cool enough to keep for the sake of it, they’ll quickly go in the bin.

Go environmentally friendly

There can be so much waste created at exhibitions, from left over leaflets to rubbish from all that catering and feeding so many people.

Instead of adding to it all, why not offer something both practical and friendly to the environment by offering a hemp or cotton branded bag, rather than the usual plastic? Or give away reusable, insulated coffee cups and do your part in reducing plastic waste.

Want more on environmentally friendly exhibiting? Read our blog here.

Get your brand to stand out

You only have so much space on branded items, so don’t try and fit the kitchen sink on there. Keep it simple with items in your company colours, a clear logo, a short message, and at most, your website and phone number.

Choose high quality items

While you might be on a budget, choose the best items you can afford. The last thing you need is for your chosen swag to look cheap or fall apart quickly. The quality of the items you give away will reflect on your business.

Follow these tips and your exhibition success will last long after the event is over.