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Exhibition Stand Storage – Tips to consider

Exhibition Stand Storage – Tips to consider

Reusing your bespoke exhibition stand can save on costs but how should you store your stand...?

When arranging to exhibit at a show, there’s a long list of things to think about, but one thing that you do need to consider well before the show, is what is going to happen to your stand at the end of the exhibition?

It makes a lot of sense to keep your stand and reuse what you can from it, both in terms of cost savings and the environment. It makes even more sense, if you do a lot of shows, to have a bespoke stand that’s deliberately built to be reusable, but then you’ve got to consider how and where you’re going to store everything once the exhibition is over.

If you’re planning to store your own stand, here’s what you need to think about:

Where are you going to store your stand?

Obviously, the first consideration is where you are going to put your stand in between uses. Do you have a large enough stand storage space that’s not need for anything else, or will you hire a storage unit?

Think about the cost implications

If you hire a storage unit, you’re stuck with paying for that every month, so you need to balance the cost savings of a reusable stand against the storage costs.

Is it convenient and the best use of space to store your own stand?

If your stand is taking up precious space that you really need for something else, storing your own stand might not be your best option. Consider what’s best for your business and what else you could be using the space for that might be a better use.

Efficiency and ease of movement

It needs to be easy to get to your stand when you do need it, rather than spending hours climbing over and moving other things to get to your stand at the back of your storage space. You also need to ensure – before you try to move your stand in! – that your doorways and corridors between your entrance and the storage area are large enough to accommodate all the parts of your stand.

You might have the perfect spot that’s easy to get in and out of, and only used for storing your stand and your marketing collateral, and if so, that’s great. But if you’re struggling for space, there is another option apart from hiring a storage unit. Focal Exhibitions can not only store your stand safely, but we can deliver it to your next exhibition and set it up for you, too. For a full exhibition service from stand design and building to storage after the show, check out our Services page.

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