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Do exhibition stands make money?

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Do exhibition stands make money?

Like any offline marketing effort, exhibition stands can be an invaluable tool when utilised correctly. Getting a strategy together for the entire exhibiting process has to involve both the build phase, and the analysis following each event.

The short answer is yes, exhibition stands do provide a measurable ROI for businesses, when the strategy behind the design and build is meticulously planned. Let’s look at three proven ways you can maximise the potential of your exhibition stand, to ensure that this marketing method is a profitable one for your business.

Ensuring Your Exhibition Stand Is Successful & Making It Work for Your Business

  1. Think about the industry as a whole

This doesn’t just mean think about who will visit the stand and what they will think about your brand. Creating audience personas and conducting market research is the most in-depth and proven way to properly understand how your target audience reacts to not just exhibition stands, but marketing efforts across your industry as a whole.

If you can understand how an audience reacts to advertising in your industry, and more specifically, different types of advertising from your business, then you will have a much greater understanding of what will work in your stand.

For example, if your audience responds well to video advertising such as LinkedIn and Facebook ads, then it may be wise to integrate a video or some form of technological interaction into your stand to appeal to your target customers.

2. Understand Customer Journeys

Generally, the goal of a business who is exhibiting at an event will be to:

  • Increase brand awareness and industry contacts (turning these contacts into leads)
  • Selling products at the stand or providing information to potential suppliers

Understanding how your visitors will navigate your stand once they arrive and how you can maximise stand engagement will lead to a much more profitable stand. Taking the time to understand how visitors navigate and how you can integrate technologies and USP’s into your stand will ensure that you can reuse it time and again as a valuable sales tool.

3. Benchmark, Analyse & Develop

Gathering as much information both pre and post-exhibiting will ensure that you can compare the ROI and the overall engagement success of your stand, ready to be benchmarked against for future events.

The success of your stand can be easily measured by analysing the number of interactions that ended in an email address or contact details being provided by a visitor, or the amount of sales of products that were being sold at the event.

It is important to benchmark this information so that it can be compared to future events, allowing you to understand the types of events that are the most successful when it comes to exhibiting for your business.

Additionally, it is important to benchmark your online sales and traffic prior to the event, so that you can attribute sales growth (and profitability of the build cost) to the event and the exhibition stand. 

Before getting in touch with a team of exhibition stand builders, take the time to ask why you want a stand for your business, and how offline marketing can work for your target audience. Sounds like an approach that would benefit your business? We’d love to talk about a bespoke build that works for you.

Contact our team of experienced exhibition stand designers today on +44 (0)1663 744 066 or send a message and a member of our team will be in touch shortly.