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Competitions to attract visitors

Competitions to attract visitors

Competitions attract visitors to your exhibiton stand and can generate profitable leads.....

People love a good competition so it’s a great way to get visitors to your exhibition stand, but there are things to think about when planning what you’re going to do.
While you want your visitors to enjoy visiting your stand and have a good experience, you need to be clear as to what you want to achieve once they are engaged with you.  Perhaps the aim is to collect visitor details to market to them later? When you plan your competitions, you’ve got to keep that in mind and make sure that the competition also works for you, as well as for your visitors:

Collecting people’s details

Plan how your competition is going to get those all-important details and work out how you’re going to collect them, and what you’re going to do with them. Will you collect business cards, get people to sign a form, let people sign up on your tablet, or via a QR code? What will work best for everyone and be the most efficient option for you?
Think about the legal side of things too. Make sure you’re GDPR compliant, and also that you’ve got the legal side of running a competition in place.

Make it fun and interactive

Anyone can set up a bowl for people to throw in business cards, and yes, you will collect details that way, but if you make your competitions interactive and a lot of fun, people have to stay on your stand for longer and actually talk to you, which gives you more time to talk about your business. If they enjoy it, they’re also more likely to tell others about your great competition and send them your way. Don’t make it too hard or time consuming, though, or you’ll put people off.

Get the buzz going

Pick a great prize that people will really want to win, and share like mad about the prize and your unique competition idea – really get creative with coming up with something that your audience will enjoy, then you’ve every chance of creating buzz before the exhibition even starts. Share on your social media both before and during the exhibition, and you’ll encourage more people to enter your competition and interact, as well as spreading awareness.

Make it competitive

Try something where the fastest time or the highest score wins and you could get people having a go because they’re competitive and they want to beat their colleagues. You’ll get more buzz from that and more word of mouth during the event.

Amplify your efforts

Join in with a few complementary businesses to provide a bigger prize or a bundle, perhaps where people have to find an item on each stand for the answer to a simple quiz. You’ll multiply the publicity and everyone will benefit. Just don’t overcomplicate what you want visitors to do.

Consider the length of the exhibition

If the show is over several days, you could either run several small competitions, or run one big competition over the whole exhibition. While you could only hold your competition on the first day, you might find that your traffic falls away for the days after that.

Promote your winner

Announce your winner everywhere – on your website, on your social media, in your newsletter, etc. They’ll enjoy the publicity, and you’ll get new followers.

Follow up after the event

Don’t run a competition, collect a bunch of exciting leads and then do nothing with them. It’s amazing how many businesses don’t follow up after an exhibition.
Put a plan in place before you exhibit to make the most of your follow up.

You can get great results from running a fun and interactive competition as long as you plan it well.